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What Entertains Me

Finally some answers! Kind of.

Tonight’s episode was all about the enigmatic Richard Alpert, who he was and why in the world he doesn’t appear to age. We finally got some of the answers we’ve been waiting for and were rewarded with pretty good story to boot.

The first thing we see is when Jacob greeted Ilana in her hospital bed and she is told to protect Jacob’s six candidates. Jacob tells her that Richard (Ricardis) will know what to. However, when Ilana actually asks Richard what to do he drops a bombshell on our intrepid Losties. He says that they are all dead and the island is actually Hell! And to make matters worse, he has no idea what to do next and thinks that he has been misled collier femme disney his entire life by Jacob. Not what you want to hear from the guy who is supposed to have all the answers!

Flashback to Richard’s past collier femme le manege a bijoux and we learn that he is anslow nouveau design mode bijoux amitie violet pierre perles a la main bricolage femmes collier pendentifs livraison directe low0036an from Tenerife on the Canary Islands in 1867. (My first thought was “Oh great, another timeline to keep straight.”) He is a married man with dreams of taking his wife to the New World and starting a family with her but she has fallen ill. In his desperation to save her, he rides to the doctor and begs for medicine to save her, but the doctor wants more money than he has. When Richard tries to get him to accept his prized possession, his wife’s cross necklace, he tells him that it’s junk and tells him to go. In a panic, Richard wrestles the medicine from the doctor’s hand and in the tussle the doctor falls, hits his head on the table and dies. Richard races back home to find his wife already dead and Richard is arrested for murder.

While in jail, collier femme motif animaux the priest comes and tells him to make confession for his sin before he is hanged but when Richard confesses the priest says he cannot absolve him because he must do penance and he doesn’t have enough time. (On a pastoral note, that Theology collier femme trackid=sp-006 is wrong. Christ forgives any man (or woman) who repents collier femme maille palmier and puts his trust in Him to save him. Leave a comment if you have any questions.) However, when the priest finds out that Richard speaks English he sells Richard into slavery and Richard is chained aboard the slave ship, The Black Rock. The Black Rock is caught in a storm, collier homme perle de tahiti smashes against the statue bague homme argent zirconium on the beach and is hurtled inland. (Answering such burning questions as “Where did the Black Rock come from” and “How did the statue get smashed” Left unanswered: “Is it plausible that a wave could throw cordon cuir collier homme a ship hard enough to smash a statue and fling it miles inland” and “Where are the other pieces of the statue”)

As the crew of the ship comes to and assesses their situation they realize that they need to kill the slaves in the hold before the slaves try to kill them so the captain goes down and runs each of them through with his sword but before he gets to Richard we hear a familiar sound. Sure enough the smoke monster comes and kills all the crew but leaves offrir collier femme Richard alive. (Not sure collier femme argent 40 cm why. I don’t think Richard was a candidate or under Jacob’s protection because he didn’t touch collier femme joaillerie Richard until later in the episode. Maybe he recognized a kindred spirit because the smoke monster sees himself as Jacob’s slave. Or maybe he just knew he could manipulate Richard into doing what he wanted.) That night Richard sees his dead wife Isabella who tells him tendance collier femme that they are in Hell and the devil is coming for them. Before she can free Richard the black smoke comes back, Richard tells her to go but the black smoke gets her. Later the Man in Black comes to Richard and tells him that he will free him if he agrees to do whatever he tells him. Of course Richard agrees because let’s face it, anything’s better than starving to death while chained to the side of a ship. After the collier femme originale Man in Black frees him (with a set of keys he got off the officers body. Why didn’t he just make the chains fall off like he did for Ben in the Dr’ Linus episode) they go make camp and eat some roasted boar.

After they eat, Man in Black gives Richard the same knife that Dogan gave Sayid and tells him to go to the beach and kill the man living there near the (now destroyed) statue (MiB tells him it’s the devil) but not to let him talk, if he talks it’s too late. So Richard heads down there but before he gets the chance to do any damage, Jacob beats him up and takes the knife. When Richard tells Jacob what MiB said and that he thinks he is dead and in hell, Jacob takes him to the ocean and forcibly dunks (baptizes) him until he realizes that he is not actually dead. Thus Richard is recruited to Jacob’s side and has the meaning of the island explained to him. Apparently evil (MiB) is like wine in a bottle and the island is like a cork that keeps the evil from escaping. Well that’s clear. Still doesn’t explain why Fake Locke doesn’t just turn into black smoke and leave the island now that Jacob’s dead.

Jacob says that he brings people to the island in order to prove that people are good while the MiB believes that people are already corrupted and sin because it’s in their nature. (At this collier femme or amazon point I should probably be worried because I agree with MiB. Behold, I was bague homme argent tigre collier flyleaf simple lune personnalise colliers et pendentifs 100 925 en argent sterling collier pour les femmes mode chaine fine bijoux femme or rouge brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me. Psalm 51:5 We are born sinners.) Jacob then offers Richard a job. Since he doesn’t want to interfere directly with the people he brings to the island, Richard will collier femme 3 diamants be his representative and let Jacob’s will be known to the people. (Much like Christ was the exact representation of the motif collier femme Father and only did what he saw His Father do and said what His Father collier homme argent wanted Him to say.) In return, Richard wants his wife back but Jacob can’t do that. (Because that’s beyond the scope of his abilities Because the black smoke got her earlier Because he doesn’t want to Who knows) Then Richard asks for his sins to be absolved but Jacob can’t do that either. So Richard asks to never have to die. This Richard can do. (That’s a pretty specific power set.)

So Richard goes back to MiB, hands him a white stone (a gift from Jacob) and MiB tells him that if he ever wants to switch sides he always has a place by MiB’s side. Then MiB gives him his wife’s cross necklace back telling him he found it on the ship and leaves. Richard then buries the necklace presumably because he never got to bury his wife. Flash Forward to the present and Richard is digging up that necklace and shouts “I changed my mind! I was wrong! Does the offer still stand”. Thankfully bague homme argent tendance before he can make the switch, Hurley shows up with his “I see dead people” power and lets Richard have a final conversation with his dead wife. Richard puts the necklace on and Hurley tells him the last thing his wife said which was that he has to stop the MiB from leaving the island and if he doesn’t they will all go to Hell.

Pan over to Fake Locke watching the scene and we flashback to MiB just after his conversation with Richard. Jacob visits him and asks him why he tried to kill him and MiB says he just wants to leave and asks Jacob to let him go. Jacob says Fuggedaboudit as long as I’m alive and gives him a bottle of wine that MiB promptly smashes. Jacob says “I’ll see you around” and MiB replies “Sooner than you think” which is what he told Richard a few episodes ago when he lowered him from the tree. Not sure what the significance to that is.

I love episodes like this that really answers collier femme promotion some questions but leaves us wanting more. Richard has long been one of the most mysterious figures on the island and we know now a big chunk of his back story. With only 7 episodes left until the finale I’m not sure how they are going to fit the rest of the answers we need but I can’t wait to find out. For the record, if this series ends anything anslow marque mode bijoux femmes simple femme papillon declaration collier couleur resine perles cadeaux pour mere dame low0002an like how Sopranos ended I would not want to be in the shoes of anybody connected with this show!..

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