Historian Jon Atack Has a Theory

Ron Hubbard and Scientology. He has a new edition of the book for sale, and on Saturdays he helping us sift through coque iphone 8 2 face the legends, myths, and contested facts about Scientology that coque samsung s7 edge etoile tend to get hashed and rehashed in books, articles, and especially on the Internet.

This week, Jon, we wanted your thoughts on the whole schmear.

L. Ron Hubbard ideas about the human mind and the physical universe really don comport with what science tells us about how the world works. But how does Hubbard worldview still samsung galaxy a8 coque kawaii continue to work for some people

JON: Explaining the cosmology of Scientology for A Piece of Blue Sky was a struggle.

In his Data Series, Hubbard tells us that it is vital to determine the relative importance of information, but he did not coque fantaisie samsung galaxy s8 apply this to his of the mind. Because Scientology is additive, and nothing that Hubbard has said can be deleted, and because the relative importance coque iphone 8 plus gravity of ideas is never clearly stated, there is no simple statement of cosmology in the coque samsung s8 sport vast forest of words considered by believers. It is a consensus. A mad person, Hubbard said, simply has a different because they no longer accept the upon apparency that is generally up by we spiritual beings. This comes awful close to saying that reality is a trance. A group of people can share an emotional state, precisely because christopher robin pooh l2770 coque iphone 7 plus iphone 8 plus 1coques8plusiphone2724 of their agreement. It happens in every shouting crowd. At any good concert or sporting bout; in every gang, in every military unit. When in a herd, we tend to share emotional states. We also tend to give over control of our emotions. So, we know that groups can go into sympathetic agreement. Is Scientology simply an agreement Do Scientologists develop reactive minds, become hostile when rightly suspected (because coque mirroir samsung s6 of withholds and grow body thetans to revolusi dragon ball goku o7386 coque iphone 7 plus iphone 8 plus 1coques8plusiphone207 conform to Do they in criticism because of their own With this definition, a rend in the fabric of Scientology rips open, because if reality is then there is more than one possible reality, and it becomes necessary to grumpy cat with stitch z1363 iphone x xs coque goldufoa8086 choose which one you will belong to.

I belong to a that agrees with scientific reasoning and proof. I am skeptical of all and any claims, because I am well aware that even samsung galaxy a10 coque fleur when they don’t mean to, people make things up. Indeed, in the right dream state, we can make anything up and believe it entirely. Every one of us has believed in something utterly impossible, when we were dreaming. I also know that people can carry the same spurious conviction from dreams, insisting that they ‘know’ what they actually only believe. I suspect that this is not compatible with Scientology’s are many well documented examples of mass sociogenic illness, where hundreds of people may fall sick in exactly the same way, because of a psychological, rather than a physical event. In Chechnya, Khapta Akhmedova successfully treated over a hundred youngsters who were hospitalised because they were having fits. They believed that they had been poisoned by the Russians. Aldous Huxley documented the demented persecution of Urban Grandier in The Devils of Loudon which Ken Russell transformed into his film, The Devils. Grandier was burned coque samsung s9 coca cola at the stake, because according to the of those dark days, he was a witch (or OT, if you prefer).

The idea that is agreement mistakes culture for, well, reality. The world will remain real whether I exist to perceive it or not. Hubbard even referred to Bishop Berkley’s conjecture as to whether the tree falls in the forest, if there is no one there to hear it, so he knew what he was up to. And san francisco 49ers logo z3143 iphone 7 iphone 8 coque goldufoa14086 don’t ever forget that: whether you believe or not, Hubbard knew what he was coque iphone 8 plus rose gold et strass doing. But I rely upon his supposed scriptures to coque samsung s6 edge plus motif show what he believed, where believers rely upon the highs they’ve digimon season 1 z0738 iphone 6 plus 6s plus coque goldufoa6086 experienced from repetitive hypnotic or through the electrical pain relief of the e meter (check TENS machines out, which, just like the e meter pass a small current through the body, but to relieve pain, rather than to get you high both are achieved by the release of endorphins). Again, my separates highs and bliss states from genuine insight. And the only insight in Scientology is was right. You can never be his equal (you would be squirreling, if you tried to think for yourself, especially if your thought did not conform to the Scientology agreement). He is not simply the OT, but the OT maker. The god maker, who will likely transform within the next few decades into an immortal being, worshiped by Scientologists (the chief coque samsung s9 plus rhinoshield statistic that Hubbard had personally reported to him was how many minutes an audience applauded his photo. For real). Hopefully, by then, I will have my body, so won’t be burned at the stake for suggesting that the statement is what is true for you is silly. If it means, you feel the way you feel, that’s fine, but, as it stands, it means that any folly you choose to subscribe to is true.

THE BUNKER: And just coque a8 samsung pizza for the record, although Hubbard said it a little differently in his brief essay titled Integrity is true for you is what you have observed for yourself, and when you lose coque marbre iphone 8 plus silicone that you have lost everything we do find that in the Admin Dictionary, under the heading you will find the definition is what is true for you. (Though most people we know usually say it true is what is true for you. One day, my friend Mitch was talking to Marie Sylvie, Captain Bill Robertson’s girlfriend, who told him that she was on a colour diet. She waxed lyrical about the benefits of this cleansing diet. Mitch, who was wiser coque samsung s7 super heros than his years, said, you use food colouring Scientology elaborates on a similar theme: what’s true for you is what Hubbard says is true. But much of what he said is untrue, whether because is factually untrue that Mars and Venus are inhabited, for instance or it flatly contradicts some other statement he made. Whether, for example, he was and blinded at the end of World War Two or that at the end of July 1945, he went down to Hollywood and beat up three petty officers, so getting his disabling war wounds during the first days of August. Because Hubbard was too busy to redraft anything, and far more interested in telling tall tales than in veracity, the poor Scientologist must struggle through a welter of contradictions.

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How to Completely backup Restore Android app data Msg call log etc

backup Play Most important Role coque custodia cover fundas hoesjes j3 j5 j6 s20 s10 s9 s8 s7 s6 s5 plus edge b21294 halloween ff0305 lg stylo 4 lg stylo 4 plus samsung galaxy s10e s10 lite case during the Reseting the Device. it will help us to coque custodia cover fundas hoesjes j3 j5 j6 s20 s10 s9 s8 s7 s6 s5 plus edge b23292 james army b0501 samsung galaxy j3 2018 j3v j3 v 3rd gen express prime 3 j3 star j3 achieve amp prime 3 case Restore all our data’s when Something Goes Wrong. backup also help us during theupgrade the coque iphone 11 cupcake 823iphone113299 device to a custom ROM or coque custodia cover fundas hoesjes j3 j5 j6 s20 s10 s9 s8 s7 s6 s5 plus edge b20628 girly art ff5130 samsung galaxy note 10 case the worst would be to lose the phone then backup comes coque iphone 11 jasmine 823iphone116875 as a savior sasuke uchiha sharingan wallpaper iphone 262 in case something goes wrong. If you backup your data you won’t have to cry tomorrow. This is also true that backing up the data will not prix coque iphone 6 lacoste commandokieffer32198 come with a mere click. coque iphone 8 marbre rose 7032antenpascher5778 You either have to say hello to your wallet or lil peep wallpaper 48qx7 go confuse what to do. Read below onHow toBackupYour Android Phone Without ROOT.

How to Backup Android Without Root:Backup your Contacts and CalendarWhen you think of backup of your data, the first thing comes coque etanche pour iphone 11 823iphone111910 coque iphone 6 otter commandokieffer34231 into your mind is contacts. It is highly recommended to check all contacts are saved in your backup folder.

Another way back up your contacts is export all your contacts to sd card and save it in cloud storage. So backup is must and should. There are loads of cloud storage apps (Google Photos,OneDrive,DropBox) which will give you free storage to back your photos. We coque custodia cover fundas hoesjes coque iphone 6 originale pas cher commandokieffer30042 j3 j5 j6 s20 s10 s9 s8 s7 s6 s5 plus edge b22626 insurgent dragon ff0495 samsung galaxy note 9 case will discuss how to backup photos in one of those apps.

You coque iphone 11 pro max clash london calling sheet music for bass can also coque custodia cover fundas hoesjes j3 j5 j6 s20 s10 s9 s8 s7 s6 s5 plus edge b21960 hello kitty ff0100 samsung galaxy a20 case select between unlimited backup (Great visual quality naruto wallpaper 62bb7 at reduced file size) and in Drive storage (Full resolution that counts against your quota)

Backup coque iphone 11 ananas silicone 823iphone112603 your AppsWithout apps smartphone is nothing. Apps make our daily life easy. You can take coque iphone 7 pulp fiction the batch backup of all the apps usingApp Backup and Restoreapp. This app will only backup apks of your apps. coque joli iphone 11 823iphone113990 If you want apk + data to backup, then you need root access.

Complete All in One BackupTaking the backup of individually is bit confusing and time taking process. So you can use this backup coque custodia cover fundas hoesjes j3 j5 j6 s20 s10 s9 s8 s7 s6 s5 plus edge d17515 cleveland cavaliers 1 samsung coque or iphone 6s commandokieffer31123 galaxy note 10 case tool Easy Backup and Restoreto backupall your data into yourSD card, DropBox, Box or Google Drive. Using this app, you can backup your contacts, SMS, calendar, apps and much more. You can Restore the files individually as you like. Thereare many bestbackup and restoreapps inplay storelikeMy backup pro…

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iPhone 12 Pro to launch with 5nm A14 chipset

iPhone coque pour iphone 7 en 3d 12 could be the world first smartphone to launch with a coque iphone 7 pluq 5nm chipsetiPhone 12 series of coque iphone 6 bresil artcorekirbies33482 phone are expected to come with 5G support and up to 120Hz displaysApple is expected to announce the iPhone 12 series this fallAfter launching the coque iphone 6 unicorn beetle affordable iPhone SE 2020, all eyes are on Apple upcoming flagship iPhone 12 coque iphone 7 super mario series. Despite the challenges faced coque iphone 6 tucch by the coronavirus pandemic, the alleged lineup, which is expected to see as many as four iPhone 12 models, is believed to launch at this fall. While we still a few coque iphone 6 chaton 3d months away from the launch event, some key specifications of the iPhone 12 Pro model has leaked out. This is coque iphone 6 argentine mostly in line with previous leaks and rumours of coque iphone 7 chevrolet iPhone 12 series. While we expect to see the A14 Bionic chipset power coque iphone 7 painting all the iPhone 12 models, it seems only the Pro phones will get a high 120Hz refresh rate. Most of the models in the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup is also expected to support 5G. Interestingly, Apple may finally ditch iphone 7 plus coque bape the Lightning port and move over to USB Type C, which has been long rumoured to happen, especially after Apple released the iPad iphone 6s rose coque transparente artcorekirbies30623 Pro 2018 with a Type C port.iPhone 12 series specificationsThe upcoming coque iphone 7 trash iPhone 12 series is expected to come in 6.1 inch, 5.4 inch, and 6.7 inch sizes and tout the same design as recently launched iPad Pro 2020. iphone 6 coque waterproof artcorekirbies32781 The handsets, including iPhone coque iphone 7 plus kim kardashian 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, are expected to get a smaller notch. There may be an iPhone 12 Plus model as well, which will accompany the regular iPhone 12. The A14 Bionic chipset is widely expected to be manufactured on a 5nm process, making it more power coque iphone 7 basic efficient than the A13 Bionic.The iPhone 12 phones are expected to come with coque iphone 6s antichoc transparente artcorekirbies31339 5G support and up to 120Hz displays. coque appel iphone 6 artcorekirbies34194 The Pro models are also expected to come with quad cameras that includes a LiDAR sensor as seen on the newest iPad Pro 2020. The remaining camera sensor details remain vague at the moment. Lastly, the phones are said to come with new colour options, coque iphone 6s deadpool artcorekirbies32064 coque iphone 6 graphisme including navy blue, coque iphone 6 or silicone artcorekirbies35254 light orange, light blue, and shade of violet.

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Samsung Galaxy coque iphone 11 silicone ebay 823iphone111937 Note 20 Ultra vs OnePlus 8 Pro

The fausse coque iphone 7 703antenpascher3686 just released Samsung coque iphone 7 wwe 628antenpascher3579 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is now the top level phone from the brand. Meanwhile, the OnePlus 8 Pro has nike adidas wallpaper 63zj7 a slightly weaker chipset and is months older. With the specs being what they are, coque iphone kwmobile coque huawei p20 lite 11 pro max colby brock cool brush black we expected the Note 20 Ultra to win this bout, even if coque iphone 7 360 transparente 628antenpascher2876 only by a few seconds. However, in what might be the Speed Test G upset of the year, the coque huawei lite p30 OnePlus 8 Pro actually wins by a decent lilly pulitzer wallpaper 49oj4 margin!

This Speed Test G bout is pretty crazy when you think about it. How christian lacroix coque iphone 8 7032antenpascher5105 did OnePlus do it We coque huawei nova portefeuille think the software optimizations of Oxygen OS 10 played a big part here. Remember, the coque iphone 11 silicone fleur 823iphone112629 processor can only do so much before software takes over, and coque iphone 7 silicone rose pale 7032antenpascher4404 OnePlus has proven over the years that it knows how to make Android fly.

Don’t coque iphone 7 zve 628antenpascher2176 forget that the OnePlus 8 Pro’s entry tier price coque coque huawei y5 2017 iquide iphone 11 map monde 823iphone113326 is $899, a $400 difference between coque iphone 7 corde 703antenpascher2986 the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s entry price of $1,299. If performance is sasuke uchiha sharingan wallpaper iphone 287 your main concern, this Samsung coque antigravite iphone 6 Galaxy Note 20 coque iphone 8 collante 7032antenpascher5804 Ultra vs OnePlus 8 Pro Speed coque iphone 7 drake 703antenpascher2285 Test G challenge might have just saved you $400!..

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Beautiful Transformation

This coque iphone 6 card holder michael kors grey coqueiphone129637 is for my fellow believers who, like me, struggle with vanity on occasion. The unattractive coque iphone 6 will fit on 6s coqueiphone130311 trait is difficult to avoid. It sneaks up on me when I’m not coque iphone 6 drole artcorekirbies32635 paying attention. Youth and beauty are being glorified on every platform. We are encouraged to purchase creams, cosmetics, and surgeries in looking for our coque telephone iphone 6 portefeuille artcorekirbies30471 own fountain of coque silicone iphone 6 avant arriere artcorekirbies31189 youth. We take vitamins to help fight deterioration from the inside. Still, time marches on. Please coque rock iphone 6 artcorekirbies34047 excuse the coque iphone 6 prada artcorekirbies33339 well worn platitude.

I think I can say with a fair amount 2 coques iphone 7 of assurance that all of us are growing older. When I look into a mirror, there’s no denying it. I can find new lines around my eyes and mouth, and a few more gray hairs. If not more gray hair, then possibly coque iphone 7 clapet cuir simply coque iphone 7 plus greys anatomy fewer strands. I’m not alone in this. My coque iphone xr de marques friends tell me they’re experiencing the same phenomena. I’m pretty sure anyone reading this is also riding the same aging train.

At belief, when we put coque iphone 7 coque piton iphone xr securite our faith in the coque iphone 6 futurama artcorekirbies35817 Savior, we received the Holy Spirit. And with him came coque apple iphone 6s grise artcorekirbies31915 gifts, we call the fruit of the Spirit. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control are ours, although sometimes they are overlooked. We must remember to make use of these gifts. This is beauty.

The Bible tells us that those who love the Lord are being transformed into the image of Christ. This is another gift we iphone 6 coque loup artcorekirbies36518 must remember to make german like coque iphone 11 use of. pizza enjoy periodically coque iphone 11 We are told to stop being conformed to this world. coque samsung galaxy s5 s6 s7 s8 s9 s10 s10e edge plus beyblade burst super z characters This may require breaking some deep seated habits. Instead, be transformed by the renewing of your mind. With every year coque iphone 6 dolce gabbana artcorekirbies35109 of loving the Lord, with every step coque pour iphone 7 rouge we take on the path of following Jesus, we become more like him. Such an honor is worth every gray hair and wrinkle.

Scripture promises that one day, when our Lord appears, we will see him as he is and we will be like him. Hallelujah! This is something to look forward to…

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The truth about Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth is one of those pieces of tech that we now take for granted. Ever since its introduction in the mid 1990s it has become an essential wireless technology, not only for smartphones but also for tablets, laptops, desktops, and more.

Bluetooth comes in two flavors: “Classic” and “Low Energy”. The former is the Bluetooth that enables our wireless keyboards and mice, along with wireless headsets and speakers. The latter, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) uses a lot less power and is designed for areas like health care, fitness, and beacons. That’s whywearables like the Fitbit Charge 2use BLE rather than Bluetooth Classic.

Last summer,the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) announced Bluetooth 5and shortly after that I made a Gary explains video about Bluetooth 5. Since then the new specification has been officially published and the technology is starting to appear in development boards and consumer gadgets, most notably the Galaxy S8.

Since Bluetooth 5 will likely become the de facto version of Bluetooth over the next few years, I thought it would be good to test it coque iphone 7 suicide out now and discover the truth about its jets coque iphone 6 coqueiphone126068 range and speed. To do that I got hold of two Bluetooth 5 nRF52840 development boards fromNordic Semiconductor. These two boards come with a Bluetooth 5 protocol stack and a32 bit ARM Cortex M4F microcontroller clocked at 64 MHz.

This basically means you can write C programs for the board to test out Bluetooth 5, which is what I did. To save time I started with an example Bluetooth throughput program provided by Nordic and then tweaked it for my particular needs. It is known as the BLE 1 Mbps connection because that is its approximate speed at the lowest level (layer) before any protocol overheads are added.

The second is the new faster connection that comes with Bluetooth 5. It is rated at coque best friend iphone 7 7plus 2 Mbps, again at the lowest level. The third is a new special kind of connection that was introduced for Bluetooth 5. Its aim is to provide long distance Bluetooth connections, but with a low bit rate. In other words: range rather than coque iphone 7 kirby speed.

BLE 4.2BLE 5BLE 5 Long Range (S=2)BLE 5 Long Range (S=8)Connection speed1 Mbps2 Mbps1 Mbps1 MbpsNetwork data rate1 Mbps2 Mbps500 Kbps125 KbpsData throughput800 Kbps1400 Kbps380 Kbps109 KbpsError CorrectionNoneNoneFECFECBluetooth 5 RequirementMandatoryOptionalOptionalOptional Double the speedThe way Bluetooth 5 doubles the bandwidth is by doubling the speed of transmission. So previously a packet of data (actually 251 bytes worth) was sent in coque iphone 6 avec liquide sushicube33050 a set time frame (2120 microseconds). Now, with Bluetooth 5 the same data is sent in 1060 microseconds. However you don’t quite get a doubling of the data coque noire pailettes iphone 7 plus rate as theinter frame space that is, the time interval between two consecutive packets remains the same as with Bluetooth 4. What this means is that coque iphone 7 zoro the data is sent faster, but the gap between the packets has not been shortened. When you do the maths that means that Bluetooth 5 is actually about carpet coque iphone 6 coqueiphone134091 1.7 times faster than BLE 4.2.

Bluetooth 5 is actually about 1.7 times faster than BLE 4.2.

Coded and Forward Error CorrectionBluetooth 5 offers a special kind of connection which is designed for long distance communications. So this isn’t for Bluetooth speakers or for syncing your smartwatch with your smartphone, this is for the Internet of Things. huawei p30 lite coque animal The power of IoT will be coque iphone 7 warriors the ability to place cheap modules all over a build (be it residential or industrial) or in an open space (park or farmer’s field) and gather data. This data can be anything from temperature or humidity, to movement detectors or traffic monitors. The possibilities are endless. But the problem is that these sensors need to have a power supply aicek coque huawei p30 and they need to send their data to a central hub or gateway. If the device is plugged into the mains electricity then power isn’t a problem and maybe the device would use Wi Fi to communicate. But the requirement for mains power and for Wi Fi coverage restricts thescope and potential of such devices.

This is where Bluetooth 5 Long Range comes in. First of all, because the device uses Bluetooth it doesn’t necessarily need mains power. Secondly it doesn’t have to incorporate Wi Fi or even need Wi Fi coverage. Instead, these sensors could be placed with just a battery to power them and use Bluetooth 5 true blood coque iphone 6 coqueiphone126744 Long Range to communicate with the gateway.

One way to increase the range without increasing the power usage is to reduce the data rate.

But how can you increase the range without increasing the power usage One way is to reduce the data rate. What that basically means is that each bit of data sent has more energy for the same level of power. The second trick is to use error correction.

For coque stich huawei a connection to be reliable it must ensure that when a number is sent then the same number is received at the other end. If a ‘1′ gets changed into a ‘0′ somewhere along the line then everything can go horribly wrong.

Bluetooth 5 usesa strong error correction system based onHamming codes, a family of error correcting codes thatwere invented by Richard Hamming in the 1950s. Known as Forward Error Correction (FEC), it is a system which replaces a single digit ‘1′ or ‘0′ with multiple digits that make up a word.

Let’s take a very simplistic example, one that isn’t actually used in the real world, but it is a good illustration. Rather than ‘0′ a systemcould transmit ‘0000′ and rather than ‘1′ it could transmit ‘1111′. This would obviously be slower but it offers some resilience. If the message gets corrupted on the way, say to ‘0001′, then you can be confident that actually it was meant to be ‘0000′.

Likewise if it got changed from ‘1111′ to ‘1011′ then you can still be sure that it was meant to be ‘1′. However if ‘1010′ is received spongebob plankton face coque iphone 5 5s se then it is clear that two coque iphone 6 medical sushicube33759 bits have been changed, but is it ‘0000′ changed to ‘1010′ or is it ‘1111′ changed to ‘1010′ The good news is that there is a whole field of computer science dedicated to working out the best methods for detecting errors in transmission andworking out how to correct the errors.

Real worldTo test Bluetooth 5 in the real world I took my two NordicSemiconductor development boards and tested the throughput speed in different situations. First I tested the throughput around my house. One board remained connected to my PC while the other was moved further and further away to different rooms. Coded).

HomeHere is a very basic plan of my house:

The blue circle in the bottom left hand corner represents the sender (connected to my PC) while the blue stars show the different receiver positions around the house and the rough location of the walls. The walls in my house are simple partition walls covered with plasterboard (or drywall). You will find that thicker walls, concrete or brickwork, and walls with ironwork in them, will alter the way the signals propagate.

When the boards where next to each other I was able to get a throughput of 1337 Kbps (that’s 1337 coque huawei y6 2018 monster hunter Kilobits coque silicone huawei y7 2018 per second which is 167 Kilobytes per second) using Bluetooth 5 and 746 Kbps for Bluetooth 4.2. Here is a table of how the bit rate changed as I moved the boards further and further apart:

PointDistanceWallsBluetooth 5 throughputBluetooth 4.2 throughput15m/16ftt11215672211m/36ft2900629318m/59ft4470386411m/36ft2584533 If you look at the data in coque iphone 6 star wars coqueiphone127416 the table above coque iphone 6 fichier stl sushicube32344 you will notice a few things. First, Bluetooth 5 is faster than Bluetooth 4 in every case. Hooray!Secondly, coque iphone 7 north face for closer distances the speed of Bluetooth 5 is significantly faster than BLE 4.2: 1125 Kbps vs 672 Kbps for point 1 and 900 Kbps vs 629 Kbps for point 2.

As the range increases the benefits of normal Bluetooth 5 diminish compared to BLE 4.2

Thirdly, the throughput drops as the distance increases. This is true for both BLE 4.2 and Bluetooth 5. Lastly, as the range increases the benefits of Bluetooth 5 diminish compared to BLE 4.2 (ignoring the Long Range mode for the moment).

You might have expected the throughput for point 2 and point 4 to be the same, but clearly they aren’t. My guess is that the amount of furniture and the layout of said furniture is different. Certainly signals to point 2 have coque iphone 7 plus disneyland a less obstructed path than those to point 4.

Shopping MallMy next test was less scientific than the home tests above and I really recommend that you watch the video to get a sense of how these tests were carried out. As I was in a shopping mall I wasn’t able to get out my tape measure and start calculating distances, however there are a few important things that I learned:

Bluetooth works best when there are no obstructions (walls, furniture etc) In the food court, which is essentially a large open space indoor area with tables and chairs, the performance of Bluetooth was impressive.

With Bluetooth 5 Long Range (Coded), where data transmission rates drop, I managed a connection of over 100m.

From my testing it is clear that Bluetooth 5 has delivered on its promise of higher throughput. Speeds of over 1000 Kbps are possible when two devices are within a few meters of each other, and around the halfway point of the signal coverage Bluetooth 5 remains faster than BLE 4.2. At the very edges of the range then the speed differences decrease significantly and according to some maths calculations I have read, the theoretical range of Bluetooth 5 (using the 2 Mbps connection type) is actually shorter than that of BLE 4.2. However, Bluetooth 5 does introduce the new Long Range (Coded) connection type which offers greater range, but less throughput…

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Big focus on long battery life and stock Android experience

Explained: In India China standoff in Ladakh, why Chushul is criticalOn cards, new guidelines to tackle malnutrition: Smriti IraniSushant Singh Rajput death: Congress questions BJP’s ‘closeness’ with Bollywood producerIndia China standoff in Ladakh: Serious situation. need deep conversations at political level, says JaishankarExplained: How Pune topped Covid countIn Gujarat, four persons test Covid positive again in four monthsCases surge, Centre reaches out to hotspot districts, finds glaring gaps

The Nokia brand is making a comeback in the mobile phone market in 2017 thanks to Finnish startup HMD Global. Nokia 2 is aimed at first time smartphone buyers, the segment the company believes has the demanding profile. According to the company’s own coque huawei p9 coque iphone 6 stranger things saison 3 artcorekirbies30159 lite le roi lion analysis, the sub $150 segment contributes around 30 per cent of numbers in India. That’s probably the reason coque transparente huawei nova why the company chose India as the global launchpad to mark the debut of Nokia 2.

While it isn’t next to coque huawei p10 acdc impossible to get a budget phone in the Rs 7,000 price point, the company claims the Nokia 2 possesses some special features that will solve the key pain points consumers face in their day to day life. We coque custodia cover fundas hoesjes j3 j5 j6 s20 s10 s9 s8 s7 s6 s5 plus edge b35752 spiderman j0649 samsung galaxy a50 case tried the Nokia 2 at the global launch event, and here’s our first impressions.

Nokia 2 first impressions Design, Display

If you care about the design and cherish to get a high end looking device, the Nokia 2 may be for you. The design of the phone will draw attention after all, there aren’t many phones in this segment that focus on the aesthetics. Nokia 2 is heavily inspired by the company’s existing coque huawei p30 coque iphone 6 bleu nuit silicone artcorekirbies31246 lite transparente renforcer portfolio, which includes the likes of Nokia 3, Nokia 6, among others. The phone has an aluminum frame, while the back has a polycarbonate build. The device easily sits in the hand, but the lack of a fingerprint scanner will disappoint many. The low resolution display does mean that you will spot pixels compared huawei p9 lite coque bois to a FHD panel, but considering the price of the phone one shouldn’t get surprised.

The design of the phone will draw iphone 6 coque dbz artcorekirbies34471 attention after all, there aren’t many phones in this segment that focus coque support magnetique iphone xr on the aesthetics. Performance of the Nokia 2 coque custodia cover fundas hoesjes j3 j5 j6 s20 s10 s9 s8 s7 s6 s5 plus edge d25750 grey s anatomy youre my person 1 samsung galaxy s10 e case isn’t going to be spectacular, if you already own a smartphone. However, for a first time user, Nokia 2 is not coque audi iphone 6 artcorekirbies33398 going to disappoint. During my limited testing, I was able to open apps fairly smoothly. Mind you; the phone will struggle to run heavy graphics intensive apps and games such as Asphalt 8 and Real Racing 3. Nokia 2 is squarely aimed at those users who are opening coque huawei p20 avec aimant up to Facebook and Twitter for the first time.

The feature that shines on the Nokia 2 is its battery. Nokia 2 is backed by a 4100mAh battery, which according to the company will last as long as two days on a single charge. If you’re a heavy users, you’ll find the Nokia 2 to be great device. Though there is no fast charging tech here, which means it will take some time for the phone to charge fully.

Nokia 2 runs on Android 7.1 Nougat, and it’s the stock Android, meaning it has a pure Android feel to it. That also means it doesn come with a third party apps loaded in the device. You get all the features of Nougat such as the split screen option and the newly designed quick settings mode. The company is committed to bring Android 8.0 Oreo to the Nokia 2, though the exact roll out time frame has not been shared. Hopefully, it will arrive later this year or early next year.

Nokia 2 runs on Android 7.1 Nougat, and it’s the stock Android, meaning it has a pure Android feel to it.

Nokia 2 first impressions Camera

Those who get the Nokia 2 may not be looking at the top level performance, coque magnetique pour iphone 6s artcorekirbies32335 and that fine. There an 8MP camera on the rear and a 5MP shooter in the front. In good lighting, Nokia 2 back camera can take good shots, and for an 8MP sensor that fairly acceptable. The front camera seems to have a similar quality. You also get a good build quality, making the Nokia 2 a compelling alternative to the Xiaomi Redmi 4A. Nokia 2 still has a few issues, including just 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. Nokia 2 doesn come coque custodia cover fundas hoesjes j3 j5 j6 s20 s10 s9 s8 s7 s6 s5 plus edge d24419 ford mustang samsung galaxy s9 case cheap though. It costs Euro 99 (or approx Rs 7458), slightly expensive in our opinion. The company coque p8 lite 2017 huawei paris says the phone is set to hit the global markets in mid November, although the India price of the Nokia 2 has not been announced just yet.

The Indian Express is now on Telegram.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd

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iPhone Speaker Not Working

While rare, it is entirely possible that your iPhone speaker stops working one fine thunder coque iphone 6 coqueiphone126081 day. There can be a number of reasons behind the spider man pop head coque iphone 5 5s se speaker on your iPhone suddenly not working at all or its volume output being lower than usual. Check out some of the potential solutions in this article to try and get the speaker on your iPhone to lifeproof kate spade road trip iphone 5 5s se coque cover coque iphone 6 red and black coque7iphone20940 work once again.

Until and unless you have dropped your iPhone or if it was damaged physically, it is unlikely that the speaker on coque thrasher iphone 6 sushicube33063 your device will just stop working suddenly. This could likely be a software problem coque de portable huawei p30 lite that can be solved easily. Try out some possible solutions listed below to get the speaker on your iPhone to work again.

The first thing that you need three coque iphone 6 coqueiphone127429 to do is check the volume level on your iPhone if there no sound coming from the speaker. Everyone tends to slip up every once in a while and it is possible that you have the volume level on your iPhone set to zero which is why there no sound coming from the speaker.

2. Check the Mute Switch

If you are using an iPhone for the first time, it is entirely possible that you have out the phone on silent using the mute switch. This would mean that your iPhone will not make any sound for incoming calls and notifications, with the media volume also turned to zero. So, if your iPhone speaker is suddenly not working, you should check the position ripndip camo iphone 5 5s se coque cover of the mute switch. If you are trying to playback media content, you can try increasing the volume using the volume rockers as well.

3. Disconnect Bluetooth Devices

It is possible that your iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth media device and transmitting audio to it which is why there no sound coming from the speaker. I have faced this issue when I paired a WearOS watch with my iPhone as the phone always routed the audio through the watch. So, you should turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone and then see if the speaker is working on your device or not.

4. Switch to Custom Ringtone

If the speaker on your iPhone is specifically not ringing during incoming megadeth iphone 5 5s coque cover calls, you can try and change the default system ringtone to see coque iphone 6 lifeproof nuud coqueiphone134105 if starbucks coque iphone 6 for teen girls coqueiphone140457 that helps. You can also try changing the incoming notification tone if that where you are facing issues on your aquamarine coque samsung s10 antens102022553 iPhone.

Read: How to Set Any Song as an iPhone Ringtone without iTunes or Computer

5. Clean the Speaker

If you use your iPhone in a particularly dirty or dusty environment, you should look into cleaning the speaker grille. It is possible that dust and lint have accumulated inside the speaker grille of your iPhone thereby blocking its sound output. Donotuse a sharp object to poke into the speaker grille as it could puncture the chamber. Instead, use a very fine cloth, a cotton swab, or a toothpick with blunt edges to clean the grille. If your iPhone has a stereo speaker, coque iphone 6 chocs sushicube33772 you should look into clearing the coque iphone 7 plus cb earphone grille at the top since dust accumulation there can affect the volume output.

Read: How to Clean iPhone Speakers Without Damaging Them

6. Drain the Water

If water accidentally goes inside the speaker of your iPhone, the sound coming out from it could end up being muffled or too low. This can happen if you drop your iPhone in water or spill some liquid on it. In such cases, you need to get the water out of the speaker system. Simply clean your iPhone using a dry cloth and then keep it upright and let gravity do its job. Wait for five to ten minutes which should be enough to get all liquid out from meilleur coque de protection iphone 6s sushicube32358 your iPhone speaker chamber after which it should work like normal. This method works for all iPhones whether iphone 7 coque anti choc spigen they are water resistant and or not.

7. Restart iPhone

One of the best solutions for most problems that you face on your iPhone is to simply restart it. If the above steps did not help in fixing your iPhone speaker woes, try a restart and see if that works. Alternatively, if you have not updated your iPhone to the latest release of iOS in quite a while, you should do that and see in a bid to fix the problem. If your iPhone is in warranty, Apple will fix it for free but if it is not, then you will have to shell money from your pocket to get it fixed. You can also try taking

The above tips should help in fixing the speaker on your iPhone.

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NDTV Gadgets 360

ETHICS STATEMENT Gadgets 360 is in the business of reporting about the best thin coque iphone 6 coqueiphone130660 technology (content) as well as being a marketplace for technology related products (transactions). The two main sources of revenue for Gadgets 360 coque fun samsung j3 2016 are advertising and transactions, iphone 6 coque dragon ball lastage35511 but our advertisers, transaction partners, and investors (see book of mormon coque iphone 6 coque7iphone21348 below), have no influence whatsoever on the stories that we cover (or do not cover) and/or their content.

None of the aforementioned entities have any influence on our product ratings and reviews. In other the beast coque samsung s10 antens102021719 words, the editorial team won’t give something pelican coque iphone 6 manual coqueiphone131338 a positive review because the transactions team has lined up the company as a partner. Similarly, a listing on the transactions site is not an endorsement of the product by coque iphone 4 aiment the editorial team. The editorial content unless explicitly labelled ‘Sponsored’ is not sent coque iphone 6 for docking coque7iphone22061 to any of our partners for approval, or to see otherwise, before publishing.

Reviews of products that are exclusively sold on the Gadgets 360 platform and other Gadgets 360 stories that may influence buyers will carry disclosures indicating the potential conflict of i am all ears coque iphone 6 coque7iphone17638 interest, if any. We may cover other products that are available via a seller on the ffxv ring of lucii coque iphone 6 coqueiphone141373 Gadgets 360 marketplace, but all editorial coverage is independent of this fact.

Our stories may contain affiliate links for products/ apps where Gadgets 360 is paid an affiliate fee if you complete a purchase via those links, but the editorial team is not influenced by these partnerships when making a decision to feature any product.

We may report on e commerce companies that may be seen as rivals in the transactions space, but the editorial team’s coverage is free from any kind of bias or favour.

Companies may sponsor travel of our staff to cover certain events. However, this does not influence our editorial decisions in terms of what we deem worth covering and/ or what we report. All such reports will carry a coque iphone 6 streetwear lastage34101 disclosure clearly indicating the company that sponsored the trip.

Gadgets 360 guidelines prohibit employees from behaviour that can coque iphone 7 serie tv be considered unethical, including, but not limited to, the taking coque iphone 7 silicone phoenix of coque stranger things coque samsung j3 2016 handball 3 iphone 7 gifts or review units for personal use, accepting money or other forms of compensation from the companies we cover, or even working with judy hopps coque iphone 6 amazon coqueiphone135019 coque liquide iphone 7 the companies we coque iphone 6 studio ghibli lastage34805 cover in any kind of advisory positions.

The editorial staff is not involved in any business development activities or activities related to the transactions coque iphone 6 otterbox or lifeproof coqueiphone140694 business/ coque iphone 5 fila ad sales.

List pen knife coque iphone 6 coqueiphone145052 of investors

The following companies/individuals have invested in Red Pixels Ventures Limited, the holding company for Gadgets 360. Listed alongside are the names of some consumer facing brands that these companies hold.

We report stories related to any of our investors using the same editorial judgement that we would with any other company…

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Moto E6 Plus With Dual Rear Cameras Launched

Home NewsMotorola One Zoom runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 SoC Moto E6 Plus is a budget phone running on the MediaTek Helio P22 SoC The Motorola One Zoom offers 10x hybrid zoom

Motorola One Zoom and Moto i cant keep calm im a nurse t shirt coque iphone 11 E6 Plus were launched at IFA 2019 on Thursday. The former is a mid range offering with a quad rear camera setup that offers 3x optical zoom and 10x hybrid zoom, apart from a 48 megapixel primary camera sensor. The Moto E6 Plus on the other hand features a notch display as well as a dual rear camera setup, both firsts for the series. Another highlight is coque galaxie j6 its dedicated microSD card slot. At the launch, the Lenovo power rangers red l2509 coque samsung galaxy s20 s20 5g owned company revealed the Motorola One Zoom and Moto E6 Plus price and availability, though India details remain unknown.

Motorola One Zoom, Moto E6 Plus priceThe Motorola One Zoom price starts at EUR 429 (roughly Rs. 34,000), and will go on sale in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and other Latin American countries from September 5, while Europe will get it from September 6. An Amazon coque samsung j7 2017 renard exclusive version with Alexa preloaded will go on sale from September 5 in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Finally, in the US, the Motorola One Zoom will be priced at $449.99 (roughly Rs. 32,400) unlocked. It coque iphone 6 7 8 plus takashi murakami kaikai kiki will be made available in Brushed Bronze, Cosmic Purple, and Electric Grey colour variants.

On the other hand, the Moto E6 Plus price starts at EUR 139 (roughly Rs. 11,000) and will go on sale in coque iphone x xs joconde joker batman Latin America on September 6. It will go on sale in September in Europe as well, and will roll out across Asia Pacific in coque iphone 8 minie 628antenpascher6258 the coming months. It will be made available in a Silver Grey colour variant.

Motorola One Zoom specificationsThe dual SIM (Nano) Motorola One Zoom runs Android 9.0 Pie, and features a 6.4 inch full HD+ (1080×2340 pixels) OLED Max Vision display with a 19:9 aspect ratio. The display is protected by 2.5D Panada King glass, while the smartphone has 3D Corning Gorilla Glass 3 at the rear. It bears a 6000 series aluminium manchester united w3860 coque samsung galaxy s20 s20 5g body.

The coque iphone 6 7 8 plus lil uzi vert art Motorola One Zoom has a quad rear camera setup with a 48 megapixel primary sensor (4 in 1 pixel binning, 12 megapixel output, f/1.7 aperture, 1.6 micron ted baker coque iphone 7 7032antenpascher3779 pixels, OIS, PDAF), 16 megapixel wide angle lens (117 degrees) camera, acheter coque iphone 7 7032antenpascher3071 an 8 megapixel telephoto lens (3x optical zoom, OIS), and finally, a 5 megapixel depth sensor. The setup is accompanied by a Color Correlated Temperature coque noir samsung j6 (CCT) dual LED flash module.

On the front, the Motorola One Zoom bears a 25 megapixel camera (4 in 1 pixel binning, 6.25 megapixel output, effective 1.8 micron pixels, and an f/2.0 aperture). It comes with 128GB of inbuilt storage, expandable via microSD card. Connectivity options include 4G VoLTE, Wi Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth v5.0, GPS/ A GPS, NFC, USB Type C (v3.1), and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Sensors on coque iphone 6 7 8 plus feel the bern bernie sanders pop art board include an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, magnetometer, and a proximity sensor. It measures 158×75x8.8mm and weighs 190 grams. It sports a 4,000mAh batter with 15W fast coque iphone xr tortue ninja2 charging. It bears an on screen fingerprint sensor.

Moto E6 Plus specificationsThe dual SIM (Micro+Nano) Moto E6 Plus runs Android 9.0 Pie, coque oreille de mickey poir samsung galaxy j5 2016 and sports a 6.1 inch HD+ (720×1560 pixels) Max Vision IPS coque iphone 7 plus kawaii 7032antenpascher2371 display with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio.

Moto E6 Plus bears a dual rear camera setup

The Moto E6 Plus sports a dual rear camera setup with a 13 megapixel primary sensor (f/2.0 aperture, 1.12 micron pixels) and a 2 megapixel depth sensor, paired with an LED flash module. On the front, is an 8 megapixel (f/2.0 aperture, 1.12 micron pixels) sensor. It comes with 32GB and 64GB of inbuilt storage, expandable via microSD card (up to 512GB) with its own dedicated slot.

Connectivity options on the Moto E6 Plus include 4G VoLTE, Wi Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.2, GPS/ A GPS, FM radio, Micro USB, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Sensors on board include an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and a proximity sensor. coque samsung galaxy j7 2016 pikachu It measures 155.6×73.06×8.6mm and weighs 149.7 grams. It sports a 3,000mAh battery. It bears a fingerprint sensor on athletics by day world s createst mom by night t shirt coque iphone 11 the rear panel.

For the latest tech news and reviews, follow Gadgets 360 on Twitter, Facebook, and Google coque iphone x xs christian grey anastasia 50 nuances de grey News. For harley davidson forever two wheels p0238 coque samsung galaxy s20 s20 5g the latest videos on gadgets and tech, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Further reading: Motorola One Zoom, Motorola One Zoom Price, Motorola One Zoom Specifications, Motorola, Moto E6 Plus, Moto E6 Plus Price, Moto E6 Plus Specifications

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